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Hello Quilters


Well, it’s been a crazy few months! I pray that all of you have stay healthy and have been doing things that make you happy. I also hope you have been using up that stash and ready to move on to something new!!


We are trying to get use to the new normal. We are back to normal hours, Mon-Friday 9:30-5:00 and Saturday 9:30-4:00. We have most of our employees back, which means Fred gets a break from the shop. We even had a small retreat last week at Needles N Pines and they had a great time. BUT, we are still being very cautious. All employees are wearing masks, we prefer you also where them when shopping. Our employees know to stay home if they do not feel well, and we hope you will do the same.  We have hand sanitizer everywhere and the Lysol spray comes out often. We also try very hard to make sure everyone is “social distancing,” our shop is big enough that it hasn’t been a problem. We have so appreciated all that ordered on the website, did curbside pickup and of course lots of quilting has been done. It really showed me that I have some of the best customers!




Green Bag Event- we always have a special event when there are five Saturdays in the month. Well, this Saturday is the day!!  We considered cancelling it, but came up with a better plan. In order to eliminate too many people in the shop at one time, we are having the event-2 days, Friday and Saturday, May 29th& 30th.   Hopefully everyone won’t come in at the same time!!!  If you are on the cautious side but still wants to come, I would suggest coming in later in the day. We will be moving the register over to the classroom so that there is less congestion in the middle of the store. 


Other classes and clubs- 


Quilt Therapy- Wednesday every week. This is our open sew day! We often have a full house with as many as twelve people. I think for a while we need to limit the number of people to six. So, you will need to call and reserve a spot, until everyone feels more comfortable with more people. 


Embroidery Club.

We are thinking starting classes on July 10th with a morning and afternoon session. Class size will be limited to 6 people per class. Please email Kathy (kmorrow@ohiohills.com) with your thoughts and comments, this way she will be able to prepare.


Other Clubs- Most of these clubs are small and I think we will meet as usual.  We will make sure everything is cleaned before each group.


“What-not”- first Saturday of the month

Strip club –Second Thursday of the month

Vintage Christmas- Second Tuesday of the month

Wooly  afternoon- Third Thursday of the month


Breakfast Club- Third Monday of the month—unless you hear something different, we will do as we have been, stop by for your pattern and demo with Lynn.  Not sure if people feel okay to have food yet? Fee-$6.00


Other classes- we will try and get some things going- just remember that we are always here to help you with any of your quilting/sewing projects.  


We are trying to get caught up with reordering items- but it seems everything is on backorder-but the good news is that new fabric is coming in every day- the Christmas fabric is so great. 


Hope to see all of you soon- stay safe – and healthy


Susan and all









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